foil stamping & embossing

up to 24” sheet


up to 30” sheet

fold & glue

Finishing only: No ink or digital print capacity

Letterpress finishing is getting physical with paper. Diecutting knifes through card stock using a wood mounted steel rule blade with just enough pressure to leave a clean finish cut on backside. Scoring also uses steel rule with enough pressure and matrix backing to crease the paper into defined fold lines.

Embossing applies thousands of pounds of pressure along with 250 degrees of heat to form the paper fibers of the print product into the shape of the reverse image emboss die. The heat and pressure can take a rich textured cotton fiber paper stock and shine & darken the image area to create a beautiful contrast in both appearance and touch. Embossing with foil adds even more contrast with metallic or pigment finish.

Foil stamping as highlight complement to printed piece or stand alone copy is a specialty that follows an ever changing color selection and foil supplier improvements. The variables of image copy, paper stock and foil product make the ongoing challenge for the craft.